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HP-EBC500T/800T/1000T series hydraulic crusher

HP-EBC500T/800T/1000T series hydraulic crusher

Product Description

500t Hydraulic Carbon Butt Crusher is a product independently developed by our company in combination with the advantages of presses in other industries.


The equipment adopts PLC electro-hydraulic automatic control, which makes the system gets the advantages of fast response, high control accuracy, safe and reliable operation, without lubrication and no sinking.


The hydraulic system is advanced in design, safe, stable and durable in operation. In terms of adjustment of technical parameters, it can accurately analyze faults and detect system performance, make all technical indexes meet technical requirements, and realize the integration of machine, electricity and hydraulic.


The system adopts S7-300 series PLC of Siemens company for core control. At the same time, it can transmit system start-up and fault alarm signals to the main control room. It is equipped with a 10 inch color LCD touch screen on the operating platform, which can carry out real-time status monitoring and fault analysis of the system, realize man-machine conversation, and carry out automatic and manual control switching and system start-stop control.

HP-EBC500T/800T/1000T series hydraulic crusher


P working =16MPa;

L working =125L/min;

Pmax =25MPa;

Lmax =160L/min;

Production Capacity: 12t / h;

Crushing Chamber Size (L * W * H) is 1800 * 1100 * 1400;

Crushing Pressure ≥ 500kN;

Size of Discharged Material ≤ 100 * 100 (can be customized according to the customer’s requirements)