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HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater

HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater

Product Description

Hwapeng ® HP-DMH (H) series high efficient high temperature dry material preheating machine was first designed and manufactured by Hwapeng for Henan Kefeng Carbon Material Co., Ltd. for the production of ultra-high power graphite electrode.


In the process of producing high-power (HP) and ultra-high-power (UHP) graphite electrodes, the heating temperature and heating efficiency of the initial dry materials (aggregate and powder in a certain proportion) play an important role in the final quality of graphite electrodes.


High enough preheating temperature can increase the pore opening rate of aggregate and the adsorption capacity of pitch binder; generally, pitch temperature is conducive to the full infiltration of pitch , strengthening the paste molding, reducing pitch consumption, greatly improving the volume density, mechanical strength, conductivity and other important performance indexes of graphite electrode.

HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH(H) Series High Efficient Dry Material Preheater

HP-DMH(H) High Efficiency Dry Material Preheater Main Technical Parameters

Model HP-DMH(H)2000 HP-DMH(H)3000 HP-DMH(H)4000 HP-DMH(H)5000 HP-DMH(H)6000
Rated Volume(L) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Max. Volume(L) 2600 3200 5200 6800 7200
Revolution of Mixing Blade(rpm) 15/12 15/12 15/13 15/11.6 15/11.6
Kneading Method Tangent,differential speed rotating mixing blades
Dischage Method Hydraulic lock/Discharge door opens at the bottom
Heating Method Heat transfer oil
Heat Transfer Oil Work Pressure(MPa) 0.3-0.6
Power of Main Motor(KW) 7.5 11 15 18.5 18.5
Power of Hydraulic
 Pack Motor (KW)
Overall Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 4960×2210×1962 5000×2580×2100 6880×2700×2359 7280×2700×2359 8860×2880×2520


1. High preheating quality

Mixing blades in preheater are tangent, and they have the same mixing radius but rotate at different speed. Mixing blades are designed with hollow channel for heat transfer oil flowing inside, they can heat up dry materials while mixing, which makes materials contact heat transfer surface of the tank directly, and in this way, it realizes high efficiency heating.

2. Fast heat transmission, high temperature and reliable operation

Adopt new type extended tank high efficiency heating technology,high efficient high temperature tank patent technology , new type of mixing blade patent technology , overall heating patent technology , mixing blade heating patent technology, discharge gate heating technology, lining plate and tank seamless connection technology.

Adopt integral heating mixing blade. Vanes and hollow shaft of mixing blades and other parts in contact with materials are heated by heat transfer oil, and materials are fully heated in various directions.

3. Guarantee dry material particle proportioning

Use special equipment to process inner diameter of the tank and bearing hole of end plate. The equipment has high machining precision, which can ensure the requirement of clearance between mixing blades and lining plates of tank and prevent particle materials from being grinded.

4. Accurate temperature measurement

Adopt new temperature measuring technology, which improves thermal response and anti-interference performance during temperature measurement.

5. Perfect sealing performance

Adopt double metal ring seals, which form multiple sealing. No carbon powder is leaked from shaft end of mixing blades.

Adopt hydraulic rotary device to lock bottom discharge gate, which guarantees good sealing performance. Sealing surface never wears out and sealing performance is reliable. No material is leaked from discharge gate.

6. Fast discharge, no material residue

Mixing blades pushes materials spirally and discharging speed is fast. Discharge gate is located at the bottom of tank, material is discharged completely and discharge time is less than 2 minutes, no material left in the tank.

7. No powder leakage during material discharge

Sealing hopper seals discharge gate completely, no powder is leaked during material discharge.

Hydraulic executing mechanism of discharge gate is out of sealing hopper, inspection and maintenance are convenient.

8. High wear resistance and convenient replacement of lining plates

Wear-resistant layer is welded on the surface of mixing blades, the rigidity of wear-resistant layer is up to HRC 60-65. Service life of mixing blades is 20 years.

Use new type of wear-resistant manganese steel lining plates with high strength after thermal treatment to replace imported products. Service life of lining plates for anode production is 15 years.Service life of lining plates for cathode and carbon electrode paste production is 1 year.


For production of carbon products which are very abrasive, use convenient replacement structure of lining plates so that lining plates can be replaced without disassembling the whole equipment.

9. Mixing blades are suitable to high temperature work environment.

Mixing blade bearing is movable designed to avoid bearing blockage caused by mixing blade stretching longer under high temperature.

Bearing chamber has cooling water jacket which ensures normal working temperature of bearing under high temperature and prolongs service life.

10. Convenient maintenance of equipment

Adopt convenient disassembly structure of bearing seat. In the maintenance and replacement of main shaft bearing of mixing blade, it is not necessary to remove end plate of the tank, but merely to remove fixing bolts of bearing seat to take bearing seat out.

Preheater tank adopts split structure, therefore, it is not necessary to disassemble the tank, but only to remove the upper part of tank end plate for maintenance of mixing blades.

11. Reliable operation

The transmission system is composed of main motor and P series hard-teeth reduction gear, bearing capacity of which is 3 times that of common reduction gear, which ensures high bearing capacity of the transmission system. It will not cause damage to the equipment even under the condition when hard objects accidentally falling into.

12. Low noise

Special equipment is used for machining to guarantee perfect concentricity, operation is smooth and service life is long. Operating noise of the entire machine is less than 80dB.