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HP-MDC series pulse bag filter

HP-MDC series pulse bag filter

Product Description

The HP-MDC series pulse bag filter is developed to support our company’s HP-DMH/DMH(H) series dry material preheater, HP-CPK series paste kneader, HP-DHK series double-layer preheating kneader and other equipment development , it is used to collect the dust released when the dry material is added during the drying process of these equipment to protect the environment. At the end of the discharging, the collected powder is returned to the pot by means of back blowing, and continues to participate in the dry mixing process of this batch to ensure the ratio of the materials, thereby ensuring the quality of the product. At the same time, it reduces the slight negative pressure generated during the cutting process to ensure smooth cutting.

Main structure of equipment

The bag filter is mainly composed of steel structure at the bottom, ash hopper, upper box body, middle box body, air inlet and outlet, filter bag, dust removal device, electrical control and other parts.

HP-MDC series pulse bag filter