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HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater

HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater

Product Description

HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater adopts many heat transfer enhancement patented technologies, which can realize rapid and efficient mixing and preheating of dry materials. 

Increasing the temperature of the dry material can keep the temperature of the added pitch constant, reduce the viscosity and the surface tension, and then reduce the surface wetting angle of the aggregate and the powder, which is conducive to the formation of the adsorption film on the surface of the aggregate and the powder.  
On the one hand, the aggregate needs to be transported to the heating equipment for preheating after the completion of batching, so as to ensure a certain temperature when the aggregate and binder are mixed, so that the pitch can penetrate into the pores of the aggregate well, which is more conducive to the filling and surface coverage of the pores of the aggregate particles by pitch, and to improve the paste density and plasticity.  
On the other hand, pitch is a kind of hydrophobic and lipophilic material. Water film can significantly reduce the infiltration of pitch on aggregate particles, so preheating can remove the water in the aggregate and improve the bulk density of carbon products.

HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater
HP-DMH Series Dry Material Preheater

Technical Parameters


HP-DMH 2000

HP-DMH 3000

HP-DMH 4000

HP-DMH 5000

HP-DMH 6000

Rated Volume (L)






Max. Volume (L)






Revolution of Mixing Blade (rpm)






Kneading Method

Tangent, differential speed rotating mixing blades

Discharge Method

Hydraulic lock/Discharge door opens at the bottom

Heating Method

Heat transfer oil

Heat Transfer Oil Work Pressure(Mpa)


Power of Main Motor(kW)




Power of Hydraulic Pack Motor(kW)


Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)







1、 High Preheating Quality

It adopts tangent and differential mixing blade dry material mixing and heating technology, by which materials constantly contact heat transmission surface of equipment directly to realize efficient mixing and heating.

2. Fast Heat Transmission And High Temperature

Adopt efficient high temperature tank patent technology , new type mixing blade patent technology, overall heating patent technology , mixing blade heating patent technology , discharge gate heating technology, lining plate and tank seamless fitting technology.

3. Guarantee Dry Material Particle Size Proportion

Use special equipment to process the inner diameter of tank and bearing hole of tank end plate, the high machining precision guarantee gap requirement between mixing blade and tank and prevent particles from grinding during mixing and heating.

4. Temperature Measurement Is Accurate

Adopt new temperature measuring technology to improve temperature measuring performance of thermo-responsive and anti-interference.

5. Perfect airtightness

Adopt combined overlapping metal ring to form multiple sealing to guarantee no carbon powder leakage from shaft end of mixing blade; Hydraulic rotary lock discharge gate has excellent airtightness, sealing surface of which will never worn out that airtightness is reliable with no material leakage from discharge gate.

6. Fast discharge, no material residue

Mixing blades push material spirally to discharge fast. Material is discharged out completely from bottom discharge gate in less than 2min without residue left.

7. No powder leakage during material discharge

Sealing hopper seals discharge door completely, no powder is leaked during material discharge. All hydraulic executive mechanism of discharge door are set outside of sealing hopper for convenient observation and maintenance.

8. High wear-resistance Lining plate

Mixing blade is surface-welded with wear-resistant layers, rigidity of which is up to HRC60-65, and service life of mixing blade is 20 years. New type wear-resistant manganese steel material is used as lining plates with high strength after thermal treatment. Service life of lining plates for anode production is 15 years and 1 year it is for cathode and carbon electrode production.

9. Mixing blade structure suitable to high temperature work environment

Bearing moves when mixing blade stretches longer under heat to avoid bearing blockage caused by mixing blade stretching longer. Bearing chamber has cooling structure which guarantees normal work temperature of bearing and it extends service life of bearing. Bearing chamber has cooling water jacket to guarantee work temperature of bearing under high temperature and extend its service life. Mixing blades run normally under high temperature.

10. Reliable operation of transmission system

Transmission system is composed of master motor, P series hard teeth reduction gear, bearing capacity of which is 3 times that of common teeth reduction gear, so that equipment will not be damaged in case of foreign hard things falling inside the tank and block mixing blades.

11. Low noise

It is machined by special equipment, it has good concentricity, the operation is smooth, service life is long, and operation noise of the entire machine is less than 80dB.

12. PLC full automatic control

PLC control and internet communication is adopt to measure, display and transmit equipment running and status parameters at real time (optional configuration). Three kinds of operation mode—internet automatic, single machine automatic and manual—guarantee the machine itself can run automatically no matter if upstream and downstream machines are automatic.