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HWAPENG people will ride the winds and break the waves, march forward courageously, and create the big future together.




HWAPENG people will ride the winds and break the waves, march forward courageously, and create the big future together.


2020 is an extraordinary year. Facing sudden COVID-19 outbreak, China composed the epic fighting against the epidemic, life is above all, our wills unite like a fortress, we are firm and indomitable. The Chinese nation has demonstrated the great anti-epidemic spirit of bravery, indomitability and mutual help. HWAPENG donated money to fight the epidemic at the first time to do its best; strictly and meticulously implemented the epidemic prevention measures to build the great wall of epidemic prevention; actively organized the resumption of work and production, contributed to the economic recovery, and faithfully fulfilled the corporate social responsibility.

We are truly who we are when we confront difficulties, and high buildings can only be strong with firm foundation. 2020 is also a year worth remembering for HWAPENG to accelerate the construction of modern enterprise management system, continuously innovate and develop leading product technology, and deeply develop domestic and international markets. While overcoming novel coronavirus pneumonia, the amount of new orders in 2020 exceeded total orders in 2019. A number of new products and technologies have made important breakthroughs, technologies are in leading position and products are successfully put into the market, new products include high efficient preheating kneading cooling system, four-column vacuum vibrating forming system, hydraulic extrusion press, special graphite kneader and hydraulic crusher. The projects of “100 day efficiency improvement” and “ERP information system integration” are implemented to realize the leap of enterprise management level and operation efficiency. The introduction of doctors and masters from “985” and “211” universities strengthens the R & D capability of the R & D team, “industry university research” technical cooperation is carried out with universities, and R & D technical level and efficiency are improved as a whole. The major R & D projects undertaken in cooperation with North China University of Technology and Zhongshang Carbon Institute are carried forward continuously. HWAPENG successfully developed new products application market such as “high-end chemical industry”, “special graphite” and “new energy materials”, and obtained orders from CNPC and RIST which are well-known enterprises at home and abroad. HWAPENG and its subsidiaries CLOUD IMAGINATION, HIRICH and CASCADE have no fear of difficulties, unite as one, and promote prosperous development of the group jointly.

In 2020, new product four-column vacuum vibrating forming system obtained great breakthrough, practical industrial application proved excellent quality index: volume density of green anode is higher than 1.68g/cm3,  20 anode blocks can be produced per hour, four-corner height deviation of anode blocks is 0-2mm, pitch amount is reduced by 1%, relative vacuum degree is 0.098MPa, volume density is measured on line at real time, technical performance is at international leading level of same product, thanks to its important contribution to improve anode quality, reduce production cost and enhance productivity, HWAPENG obtained batch orders from leading enterprises in China. HWAPENG will always adhere to the corporate value of “concentrating on creating values for customers”, develop advanced technologies to serve customers.

In 2020, HWAPENG established the subsidiary company Shandong Cloud Imagination Technology Co., Ltd. Focusing on industrial application, developing informatization, AI products and technology. “Cloud Imagination Technology” team is composed of AI experts, process technology experts, equipment technology experts, investment management experts and marketing experts, and carried out technical cooperation with Xi’an Jiaotong University. In September 2020, “Cloud Imagination Technology” team participated in China Beijing International High-tech Expo on behalf of Shandong province. “Innovative development” is always the development strategy leading HWAPENG to innovate and break through constantly, facing the technology wave of the fourth industrial revolution, HWAPENG will adhere to the corporate value of “being brave to innovate” to lead new generation informatization and AI technology and make every effort to realize the strategic target of “leading service provider of China industrial digitalization, intelligent technology and equipment”.

Integrate informatization and industrialization. In October 2020, HWAPENG was selected as the member of nonferrous metals intelligent manufacturing council. Deep integration and development of the new generation information technology and manufacturing industry need to gather wisdom and strength of all industry members. HWAPENG will continue to work jointly with industry members and create the bright future of industrial digitalization and intellectualization

2021 is the first year to start the new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country. In the great era, we can only struggle in this long journey. HWAPENG people will ride the winds and break the waves, march forward courageously, and create the big future together.



Established in 1994, HWAPENG is a Professional manufacturer of Carbon Paste Preparing & Forming Machines. Holding 17 national Patents, 2 China’s national industry Standards of kneader & cooler, 90% Market Share in China, We also provide Anode Vibrocompactor & Graphite Electrode Extruder & other equipment in Carbon Plants & EPC.