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HWAPENG HP-CPK kneader is selected for new material research of RIST KOREA




HWAPENG HP-CPK kneader is selected for new material research of RIST KOREA


On January 8, 2021, RIST, a research institute affiliated to POSCO Korea, signed a contract with HWAPENG to conduct research on new carbon materials by using HWAPENG HP-CPK400 laboratory kneading machine. The project is supported by the Korean government and undertaken by POSCO Industrial Science Research Institute. After a comprehensive comparison of the product technology level in the world, HUAPENG is finally selected as the equipment provider for the “kneading” part of the research work of the project.

South Korea POSCO Industrial Science Research Institute (RIST) is an industrial science and Technology Research Institute established by POSCO in 1987. Its research fields include renewable energy, smart grid, atmospheric treatment (particulate emission reduction), new materials (energy storage materials, carbon fiber), etc. it has made important contributions to the scientific and technological development of South Korea and POSCO related fields for many years.

POSCO is a well-known enterprise in South Korea. Its business covers steel, E & C, it, new energy and new materials. In 2020, the operating revenue will reach 55.6 billion US dollars, ranking 194th in the Fortune 500.

The application of HP-CPK kneader in POSCO project is an affirmation of HWAPENG’s technology and service internationalization. Under the background of signing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RECP), it is the key starting point for HWAPENG to realize the strategy of “market internationalization”.


Established in 1994, HWAPENG is a Professional manufacturer of Carbon Paste Preparing & Forming Machines. Holding 17 national Patents, 2 China’s national industry Standards of kneader & cooler, 90% Market Share in China, We also provide Anode Vibrocompactor & Graphite Electrode Extruder & other equipment in Carbon Plants & EPC.